Thursday, May 20, 2010

A funeral next door.

Flames to dust, Lovers to friends.. why do all good things come to an end?
Because life itself is a sad journey to death.

So many unhappy things been happening lately. From people around me to my own family.
The moment I stepped back home after hanging out with Joe and Leslie, I could sense a gloomy atmosphere at home. No one spoke, no one said a thing.
Sister greeted me at the door and broke the sad news to me,
" Jie, ah tieo (my uncle) passed away already."
I didn't know just how to react. A death made me felt so lost. My uncle whom I had known all my life, struggled through lung cancer and a brain tumor. Went through a period of coma and now left the earth with ease.

Made me think,
as I sat down on the dining table while talking to mummy, I had a long stare at her..
I realised how long I've been so ignorant.. to even look at her closely.
The face that once was young and pretty but now wrinkled and full of visible lines, strands of white hair obviously grew over the years.
How long have I been gone? How many times did I shout back and slammed the door close?
I realised I've missed her. The lady who was always there to comfort me when I fall.
I've been so selfish to take time off and love.
Time has always been ticking like an active bomb.
A death has awaken me from my dream of death, my parents are not getting any younger as day passby... I should spend more time with them, treasure them.

Time to pick myself up and put myself together again.
No water is thicker than blood. =)
Gotta get ready and pack my stuff... rushing back to Penang for the funeral.

I'll miss you deeply, Uncle.

On a happier note!
Pictures from Mc Phunk's 25th birthday bash @ Zouk!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I fell in love with the perfect guy... =)

Looking forward for the Sunday trip.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I haven't been sleeping anytime earlier than 5a.m ever since the past two weeks.
*FUCKED UP.* I know, can?
Daddy hasn't been very pleasant with all these nonsense I've been up to.
But it is what I do that has been feeding my soul.


So anyway.. I'll update more with more pictures.
Exams kick starts tomorrow and I still haven't start studying.
If I start digging my grave now, I'd prolly be able to hold a funeral by tomorrow.
Till then, wish me luck. Tata~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Food and more sin.

I knew it. I knew it. I knew it!!!!
I knew I just won't be able to blog everyday because I am superb busy with god-knows-what- larh! My bad and I won't apologise. =p

The entire week was just plain awesome!

It all started off with having masak-masak @ Alvin's place together with Jolene and Dom. All four of us met up at Pasar Besar TTDI to buy ingredients for the 3 course meal!
Menu of the day:
(!) Mushroom and tomato bruschetta
(!) Beef stew in rich red wine *loves*
(!) mash potato with mouth watering bacon bits!

and we had non-alcoholic Mojito that tasted like air limau with mint leaves!
We should do more sessions of masak-masak okay! *ultimate loves*

Then I spent the whole week hanging out with Matthias. I had to make time for him, having not enough sleep at night just to spend as much time as I can with him before he flies back to Germany for good.. And on the day his flight was supposed to take off, I received a text from him saying he is still around, stranded for another week until the airways are clear from the volcano haze thingy. =S bugger.

On Friday I was invited to a wine tasting session with a few close friends. We had a mini potluck session @ Micheal's place where I brought delicious- mushroom-bruschetta-to-die-for! Food was simply delicious especially Micheal's baked bacon with Iforgotwhat and Edwynn's addictive-fatass-BlueCheesee!!
Colin even brought two different type of cheese cake for all of us! Of coz we had other stuff like salads and puffs.. wine and liquors too =)
It was a deffo sinful meal but satisfying!
Micheal's place in Mont Kiara was superb lovely especially the view from the sky bar! Truly magnificent.. overlooking the view from PJ across hartamas right up to KL where the KLCC and KL tower stood proudly. We sat all night long in the skybar talking about everything on earth! I can die smiling now. XD

Okay.. thats about it for today!
going to look for Joseph later to get my hair wash and blow!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A sunny Tuesday

Me, JoLene & Melvin

Manage to ajak JoLene and Melvin to swim today! Stephanie tag along but refused to swim reason being "I just wash my hair!!"
I did not swim around la.. Only dipped in the water acting slutty. Muahahaha.
Had a few kosong conversation with them and had super duper fun time!

Melvin had asked Stephanie to tone her ass. Well, apparently to him firm asses are nicer.
" You should do something to firm up your ass."
Stephanie shot him the watafak face -____-
" For what? "
" Firm ass nicer wutt.."
And without hesitation I came up with the most brilliant defense to all man kind.
" Who say?! I give you 2 beds. One damn hard and firm, another soft and floppy.. which is nicer to sleep on?"
"......... soft one la."

Exactly! Bull's eye!! And again I have no idea why guys lust over something that does not last forever. Just down right stupid, can?
Why they complain their partners have small breast, flat asses and some to the extent of criticizing them right in their face.
I even have a friend who resorted to apparently chocolates-that-will-enlarge-boobies to make her dumb-ass boyfee happy. Silly much? No effect at the end anyways.
They treat girls like a trophy. Proudly showing off as if they just won first prize in a marathon full of shit.

Boys are stupid. They are like a small kid who gets excited over firecrackers. Yes they look good at first sight, but later on just vanish into thin air!
They brag about how smart and great they are, yet they forget to see the simplicity of life, the beauty to it.

Tired of typing. Gonna get my green tea scrub bath now. =)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Let's give it another chance.

I have decided to start blogging - again..
Hopefully this time around, I'll blog everyday. Yadayada. I know you can die laughing now.

Just woke up from a 17 hours straight of sleep. Skipped lunch, dinner and breakfast altogether.
These few days, I've been out so much I forgot I'm human and I need sleep. Worst of all, sometimes I forget that I've not eaten the whole day.
I have no idea what has got into me, no, really.

I don't know if being single has given me too much freedom or what. I never seem to know my limits.
Right now, I'm gonna get a nice relaxing green tea scrub bath, dip myself in the pool and then a nice walk in the park.